Top 5 Apex Tricks and Tips of 2023

Like every other battle royal Apex Legend has some learning curves and tendencies to master for example if you are new to the game, you’ll have a hard time knowing which ammo is for which gun or which legend is good for you and how to be better at the game without spending and grinding hundreds of hours in the game. In this scenario, I’ll help you with my top 5 apex legends tops and tricks to elevate your gameplay to the next level. These tips will also help you grow faster as a player and ensure a good gaming experience overall.

Practice Your Movement:

I’ll start the list of Apex tricks and tips by practicing your movement. because in Apex Legends you heavily rely on your movement, the better the movement the better the chance you’ll have to lend your shots. Here’s how you can practice your movement load up the firing range and try to b-hop. Just jump and strafe to the same side you move your mouse and try to create a zig-zag pattern. Other than bhopping try to counter strafe to stop your movement to have a good chance of landing the first shots. Counter-strafing is basically resetting your character movement. Just try and press the opposite side key just before firing your weapon so if you are going right then press “A” to stop moving and shoot.

Drop Into Hotzones:

This might be a bit confusing but dropping into the crowded location will help you to improve a lot faster. You’ll die a lot in the first few matches trying this out but the learning you’ll get by making decisions quickly and getting into covers looting quickly make sure that you land with your whole team accordingly to communicate and fight and loot together if you want to get better at the game try dropping into hot zones. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are playing solo then don’t drop in these areas because you’ll die a lot without learning much stick to areas where their decent loot but less crowd.


Communication is the difference between bad teams and champion teams. The better your communication the more ideas you can execute. Even before the game starts you could discuss with your team which legends to choose where to land and execute your plans more profoundly. So, if you want to get better at the game get a group of friends who play the game and try to play with them.

Practice your aim and your Legend’s Kit:

Apex Legends is a heavily aim-based game. The better your aim and recoil control are the better you are at the game. To get better at aiming you can do multiple things like aim warmup before the first match of the day, do an aim routine play an aim trainer or just play the game a lot. The fastest way to get better at aiming is playing an aim routine and aim warmup before the first match of the day so your muscle memory will get used to micro adjustment and flicks through to the aim training.

Apart from aim in apex legends the utility of a legend also plays a role. You gotta know your preferred legend’s utility kit and when and where to use it practicing the kit is way easy just load up in the firing range and have fun or you can also watch other pro’s gameplay to understand how to utilize your kit better.

Customize Your mouse sensitivity and key binds:

If you are serious about apex legends, then playing with default mouse sensitivity and default key bind will give you a slight disadvantage because of your key travel and mouse control over your shots to overcome this problem customize your key binds to the lowest key travel possible and try lower sensitivity to get more control on your aim.