Month: November 2023

Top 5 Apex Tricks and Tips of 2023

Like every other battle royal Apex Legend has some learning curves and tendencies to master for example if you are new to the game, you’ll have a hard time knowing which ammo is for which gun or which legend is good for you and how to be better at the game without spending and grinding hundreds of hours in the game. In this scenario, I’ll help you with my top 5 apex legends tops and tricks to elevate your gameplay to the next level. These tips will also help you grow faster as a player and ensure a good gaming experience overall.

Practice Your Movement:

I’ll start the list of Apex tricks and tips by practicing your movement. because in Apex Legends you heavily rely on your movement, the better the movement the better the chance you’ll have to lend your shots. Here’s how you can practice your movement load up the firing range and try to b-hop. Just jump … Read the rest